Topics Covered
1. Data Breaches
2. Password Management
3. Data Management
4. VPNs
5. Security Updates
6. Phishing Link

First off, the amount of data breach in 2021 and 2020 is ridiculous, and we sometimes just shake it off like “oops its just a normal thing” when it matters do you like people knowing who you really are, where you live, what you do for a day, what are your banking information etc. the list goes on. You don’t go around the street like oh hi I am this person and here is all my detail you going to need to know about me like my birthday and my contact number. You only give people you know and trust your phone number for example like for business or family, friends. And what about health records as Covid-19 pandemic persist hospital records getting hacked and leaked online in dark web or some weird ass forum and do you really want people knowing what your health condition as people who attempts to target you may aim for vulnerability in your health condition. All the company can say when during a data leak is oops, we messed up but here one thing we will alert the bank, authority and request them to monitor on your Identify number for any cases of identify theft.

Secondly, People is actually not the best at password security people ever we tend to make it easy for ourselves such as using same password for a few sites or every sites or writing it down into a note and sticking it somewhere you could see knowing well that if a hacker hacked one of the sites you visit they could easily gain access to all of your account could be banking or anything that you do not want people to know. We have password manager and well they need more publicity as not enough people know about them.

Thirdly, How the hell does the phone need to know so much about you like what you eat what time you sleep. I mean yea search engine and advertisement targeting system. But why does some app need camera app when it is completely unnecessarily is like a person hi can, I view what you’re doing whenever I want. You are not going to say yes while an app you have no choice sometimes like the app is not going to work without that “certain permission” could be microphone or anything. I wouldn’t say most of the time it is for bad actor, but it is completely unnecessarily for them to know so much about you. For example, would you mind sharing your credit card number with a stranger no, right?

Fourth, VPNs like seriously ISP really should consider it part of the bundle to be honest. It is not uncommon for people to use the public Wi-Fi or network without bothering to check whether it is the real one. With an VPN they could help better safeguard their data like never. Well, there could be a chance the VPN led to a bad actor hands but with an ISP trusted one they should reduce that risk but not totally remove it.

Fifth Security Updates, Updates. Updates exist for a reason sometimes could be a good or bad reason however when you don’t update your security patch update most of the time it means you are a vulnerable batch of people therefore allowing easier access to your sensitive phone data. You not going to go around like oh hi people don’t mind me sharing my data with you all cause that what it may mean not updating your phone may lead to.

Sixth, We trust links too easy. Once you see that there an incentive you are tempted to click on a phishing link and entering your account or bank account information without you knowing. Once you notice that it was all a fake image you like crap I screwed up. I guess everyone learn from the first time of hard lesson.

The overview is we trust people way too much and sharing data without us even knowing. We wouldn’t even know the most used app is sharing our data till it comes out in the news you will be like wow this service is selling my data and that a bummer. We need a better marketing for better security in internet seriously like me sharing to my friends you don’t use a reputable vpn I regularly just get shaken off them knowing I will go into the risk and explain why or why not. Data is important not matter how small it is as it tell people about you like your name, date of birth or where you live.

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